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postheadericon Mission

The United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia works to support a Christian presence in colleges and universities in Asia.

postheadericon Vision

The work of the United Board centers on the Christian faith, higher education, and Asia.  Our work has long promoted whole person education in the liberal arts tradition, with a background of Christian values.

In Asian countries with Christian colleges and universities, we cooperate with those institutions to strengthen their Christian identity.  In countries where Christian colleges and universities do not presently exist, we emphasize projects and programs that reflect our commitment to Christian service.

The United Board emphasizes two priorities in its work.  We support professional training for faculty, administrators, and trustees, as well as linkages and networks among Asian institutions of higher education.

Operating as both a grant-making and programmatic organization, we focus on broad, comprehensive programs to respond to the challenges and diversity of Asia.  We work cooperatively with other organizations that share our goals, such as academic institutions and foundations.  We fund our programs by seeking contributions from individuals, churches, foundations, and alumni of Asian institutions to supplement the income from our endowment.